Planning to sell your house?

We are the ones to call because our goal is to maximize our client returns. M&M offers the most comprehensive and personalized real estate services. Our number one priority is to serve our client's best interests and needs. Our experience and expertise in appraisals will assist us deliver the best services in the industry and meet your expectations. We are ready to meet with your family and provide personal property assessment, advertisement, sale and clean up. We offer selling of your entire contents of household including furniture, decorative items, paintings, rugs, sculptures, porcelain, antiques, fine and custom jewelry, hand tools, power equipment, etc. We can also assist with downsizing of your household.

Why you have to choose us:
  1. M&M consists of a reliable and responsible staff. Both partners will be present on premises every day during the sales. We make sure there are enough helpers to assist customers and prevent stealing
  2. We provide professional asset assessment. M&M consists of people who specialize in ceramics, porcelain, sterling silver, fine jewelry and custom jewelry. Our prices are fair both for Sellers and Buyers.
  3. We provide internet advertising including our own website showing pictures; we also send e-mails to frequent estate sales visitors or buyers who are looking for specific items; we run newspaper advertisements and put big signs at the nearest intersections
  4. We can help assist with contacting clean out companies and then cleaning up the remainder
  5. At the conclusion of the sale, we provide all selling prices of all items

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